From incorporating new ideas to understand the Mental Model of User, My Case study towards new projects followed by User Research, Schema Preparation, Prototype, Mockup and Usability Testing. As a part of UX Community, committed to helping you meet your needs in the best way possible.

Believe in a world of infinite possibilities.I'm a problem solver with a keen interest in contributing to society through design.
User Research & Testing


Glimpse of projects related to different Industries.


In order to help you for you Business Centered Design, Can help in following areas.
Visual and Infographics
From the process of defining requirements, visualizing and creating illustrations, logos, layouts and one shape visual aspects of websites, books, magazines, product packaging and more.
User Experience
Interactive Designs with less cognitive load and high attention to detail. Balancing Usability,  Utility and User Interaction in wireframes/Prototypes. Keeping deliverables on priority.
Website Development
From developing a simple static homepage of plain text to complex web applications, Ecommerce, and social network services. Building websites with WordPress, HTML,CSS, Angular.
Location: Delhi, India

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